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Karneval History

Karneval in Germany began in the 16th century to allow commoners to mock the monarchy and politicians without fear of retribution, but it really took off in the 19th and 20th centuries. Therefore many “official” Karneval costumes copy some of those old official uniforms and dresses.

We could of course try to write some history, but since there are so many available resources, like our "Karneval for Dummies" that you can download by clicking on the link to your left, we prefer to link you to the other ones as well. If you still have questions, just come to our events and experience the amazing, unexplainable, exhilarating feeling of Karneval first hand. It is definitely a lot better than reading about it...

A good (but not necessarily totally reliable) source is Wikipedia.

Of course, you can also try your luck with Google.

By the way, we call it Karneval (to emphasize the German roots). Carnival or Mardi Gras mean similar things, but can be very different....

Für die deutsch Sprechenden gibt es ausführliche Informationen in der Deutschen Wikipedia

... und falls jemand immer noch Fragen hat, klickt mal hier